Tuesday, December 14, 2010

on a lighter note...

i've never been so turned on by bubble gum, blue vomit and bondage masks. well not since sunday. what? does no one else celebrate shit-faced sundays, anymore? lol this should definitely be a quick add to your current workout playlist, fellow blog- enthusiasts!
(courtesy of mr.beyond)

oh the irony...

with nowhere to go last night, except the vip section of club bed, dressed head to toe in boredom couture, i uncharacteristically decided to surf channels. im not a "surf channels", kind of chick might i add. i know what i like and tune in frequently to those same shows when i do find time for thee 'ol tube. anyways, i came across the 10 o'clock news. i wont lie, im not a huge fan of the news. theres always some junk about angelina jolie receiving her fed ex overnighted kid or lindsey lohan having a snowball fight at some teeny bopper bash on. frankly, im just not interested. well, as i was about to change channels and proceed to the home shopping network (one of my faves, by the way) i heard a broadcaster make a bad sportsmanship remark in relation to football players. i became somewhat intrigued. now, im no expert on the matter ...heck, i know squat about thee 'ol pigskin. i thought john elway still played for the broncos lol

well, let me get to the point. what i'm about to share might offend some. honestly, i dont care. this is my electronic journal and my loyal 6 followers want the truth. i'm here to deliver lol ...schmucks over at the nfl gave so and so #1 much criticism because he asked so and so #2 to autograph a glove after a game after his team lost. WOW! i was at a loss for words. are you fuckin serious? us, over at the futbol stadium practice beautiful sportsmanship. ive witnessed players exchange sweat-soaked shirts after a game time and time again. its a sign of respect. not for one another but for the game. for the history of the game. ive heard everyone tell me J-E-T-S this, g-men that and i was becoming quite curious as to what the fuss was about. i'm over it (before i got under it, might i add) sorry, hateball fans. i'll continue rooting for jerry rice of the 49ers for now though.

if anyone wants to contribute to the growth of my blog and give me the names of so and so #1 and so and so #2, please do so. i'll change it promptly. they are athletes afterall and i, in no way whatsoever tend to degrade them in this post. these beans only smell like love.
-the editor in chief

holiday stocking stuffer ideas...



mom, sister, heck even grandma will agree!
-flavorless, courtesy of MARRIED TO THE MOB

Saturday, December 11, 2010

groupie love

reconnect with why we all fell in love with this man in the first place....


my bf just called me meg

ahhhh finally off from work on a saturday and look at me. sleeping in to almost 3pm. nearly had my whole day stolen by the snooze gods. and to be honest, i wouldnt have minded it. i feel and look like complete crap. (i commented these exact words to him and he responds "ok,meg" lol damn him and his family guy reference wins) i suppose the only perfect aspect of this lazy saturday is waking up next to him. oh and the pancakes he promised to make me as i indulge in a 4pm breakfast ;) plan for today? drag myself out of bed, crawl into the bathroom and hopefully get to doing the last of my christmas shopping. hopefully reconnecting with the wolman rink staff as i plan to hit the ice tonight. excited, for that is an understatement. i like having things to look forward to. it keeps my mind off.........

........off what really has been getting to me. its been a bad week for me. absolutely horrid, quite frankly. ive been able to keep busy with work and getting as much sleep as possible, but it hasnt stopped me from waking up with crust-filled eyes from the dried tears cried in my sleep. even the simple things have been getting to me. i cant watch the simpsons or jeopardy anymore. it always takes me back to memories of him. my eyes grow watery and pain continues to stab the essence of my soul. it gets sharper and more frequent. i cant. i miss you more and more. i hate you for leaving us and am selfish for wanting to keep you.


oye mis llantos y mandame paz, hermanito lindo.
-tu negra

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


how to convince him to go watch this one with me, i dont know (total chick flick, lets be serious lol) but it seems so dark and vivid at the same time. the wrestler and requiem for a dream rank among my favorite movies so im sure darren aronofsky wont allow this to fall short of genius. natalie portman and mila kunis not only look phenomenal, but i love seeing actors challenge themselves from their normal cookie-cutter everyday roles. im wildly enthusiastic about this one, fellow bloggers. check out the trailer if you havent done so already.

any new music worth checking out? i encourage any and all referrals.

dear santa,

"How have you been? How is your wife? I am not sure what I want for Christmas this year. Sometimes it is very hard to decide. Perhaps you should send me your catalog." -Linus
(Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales, 2002)

so, i've had a change of a heart. i know i ranted about getting the complete SEINFELD series in a earlier post, BUT its not what i truly need right now. ive been wanting a puppy for the longest time. i think im at a time in my life where i could actually dedicate my time and efforts into a pet. i've been dropping hints to mr elephant juice about it for quite some time. as a fellow dog lover, i assumed he would think it was a awesome idea, but i wont lie, he doubts me. his exact words were "you dont even remember to shower everyday. you cant get a dog" LOL well, i want one! BADLY. a white english bulldog to be exact. at a time where i just about gave up on the idea of loyalty, the only thing that will restore that hole is the companionship of "man's best friend." if all else fails, hand me a stamp. i have a pre-addressed letter to santa. a girl can still dream, right?


its off

for so long now, it has been a part of me,
for so long now, i have been distinguished by it,
for so long now, ive been hiding behind it.

...its off now. officially.


-mother cow

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i cant live in the real world. the real world is for people who cant imagine anything better. come away with me.

Monday, November 29, 2010

japanese cartoon

im currently listening to an assortment of music, but as always i have favorites that get a little more of my replay love. today's topic of choice? japanese cartoon. finally an image to put with the music. for a long time lupe fiasco has denied any and all affiliation with japanese cartoon. im glad he's come out the closet. how i feel about british accent is another story. well, actually thats a lie. im not crazy about it at all, to be honest. its different which i can appreciate. im trying to be as optimistic as i can be and let it slowly grow on me but everything else about this song and video is dope. im definitely keeping an eye out for japanese cartoon and will post anything i come across.

indulge yourself...

lost archives

as i went through the lost archives in my macbook, i came across this pic i took in a local supermarket:

yes, you read correctly. fresh frozen guinea pig. get 'em while theyre still frozen lol well in ecuadorian culture, guinea pig or as we call them cuy is a fine delicacy. on my trip to the mountainous region of ecuador in june of this year i was lucky enough to visit a guinea pig farm. yes, the pets american children cherish so are plumped up and roasted on a stick and sold for a buck or two en la sierra. i thought this post was very time appropriate due to all the mouths that were stuffed with turkey this past week. i'll take a guinea pig with a side of mote any day over a genocide flavored thanksgiving. im just saying.


working a 11pm closing shift. off to iron my penguin uniform.
-wishing i was back in the motherland

Friday, November 19, 2010

music videos?

music videos? do artist still make those? ::shruggs:: im not up to par with them but these b.o.b ones caught my little brown-bean eyes. hopefully my whopping 6 followers will enjoy them as much as i did. i do it all for the fans. lol

official dont let me fall-

BEAST MODE, new track off the upcoming b.o.b, no genre, mixtape-

hungry. craving bbq wings. oh you know, the super sticky, unhealthy, messy to eat, ones. the ones that leave crusted up bbq residue in my hair. that i somehow bypass when washing my hands but find the next morning. how it gets in my hair, i'll never know lol

his and hers


-from the girl who once upon a time lacked loved.


which is when the much anticipated LASERS drops. with john legend?! are you serious right now?! WOW. i'm fuckin hungry and mr lupe fiasco is the only one able to quench the listening hunger my ears crave right now. just when you think hip hop is lost, you hear a track like this: respectable lyrical content and mainstream appeal. thats what its all about in my book. and please, PLEASE no one even mention the stomach churning nonsense nikki BLAHnaj is about to release. ive heard way too much ranting and raving over her as if she the prophesied messiah to hip hop . tell me where she is in 10 years from now. real music withstands time. tell me, you cant listen to 36 chambers or capital punishment time after time and not fall in love with them time and time again. i dont think ive ever witnessed so much hype for something so completely overrated and so simply put WACK. shes bad, i give her that and that alone lol ahhhhh! ok, ok, ok, now on to the purpose of this post....for your listening enjoyment....

lupe fiasco ft john legend- never forget you

-beans con arroz

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

you know what really grinds my gears? the fact that slice bread comes squared and bologna comes round. NO. you know what REALLY grinds my gears? the fact that ba-low-nee is spelled bologna. smh. lol

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the flyest guy ive seen...

EVER! mr. jerry seinfeld, ladies and gentlemen! this is hands down one of my top 5 favorite television shows of all time (dont ask me what place it falls in. first or last. brilliance is brilliance and shouldnt be measured on a number basis. just know its in the likes of saved by the bell, the cosby show, doug, and full house ...a few other all time classics lol) i catch something new every time i watch re-runs. i honestly can not get tired of watching. not only am i trying to catch the superman reference that every episode has but i'm trying to catch the heat jerry wears on every episode as well. needless to say, he wears it ALL so motherfuckin well. damn. he's hot lol ....with that being said, i know what i'm asking the retail elves for xmas this year: the complete seinfeld series. starting with episode number 1. that is all. so plan accordingly, fellow readers. i dont want repeats of any seasons. enjoy some of the all-time great sneaker appearances jerry has blessed our viewing pleasure with. and it doesnt hurt that he's a METS fan either.




Saturday, November 13, 2010


life without you both has no means ::sigh::
-tu hermanita, janice


JAY-Z signed JAY ELECTRONICA to the ROC?! wow. finally something to be excited about. jay elec's lyrical brilliance and jay'z genius marketing= match made in hip hip heaven lol ...looking forward to the revival of music in 2011.

hov's introduction:

the king of new orleans inauguration:

currently: listening to my latest mixtape download, friday night lights (on saturdaItalicy lol) courtesy of datpiff.com as i watch my king play pro-evolution soccer on ps3. watched some ecuadorian soccer earlier (emelec 2 - manta-1) and now just waiting until laziness escapes me and i get my lazy lard ass up to throw on a fashionably effortless ensemble for date night. im craving a BLACK FLOWER from a cheaply advertised mexican restaurant only known to NewYorkians as Blockheads. its a delicious sangria and frozen margarita mix sent straight from the gods as a weekend getaway after a stressful workweek. possibly catching a horribly overpriced friday release movie after. skyline, maybe? catch me if you can. and when i say can, i mean RUN! because i'll be flying to the highs of the moon and the stars tonight with EL ZAR ;)


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"and we could meet on the other side"

so im definitely not down with this newly categorize genre often referred to as "emo-rap," but the legend of mr.rager takes me away. high away. shall you join me?


kid cudi ft cee-lo green- scott mescudi vs the world

-lightin up.

...what keeps the lonely nights sleepless

this was the answers to my little fat girl prayers. the gods have not forsaken me! MCRIB IS BACK!
you know what it is "negro y amarillo" lol
"el reloj nixon" she will be mine. hitting up blades 72nd&bway thursPAYday!
the loves:


trick or treat?


-respectfully yours,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

every man's nightmare

guys, check it out, but cry not. no, the world is not coming to an end, but might as well be with the invention of this shit. say good-bye to the office-slut. good god, i'm gonna miss her making a fool out of herself too lol

...you just gotta love late night informercials.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


yesterday was a very eventful day. it consisted of tears. a lot of sad ones but a drop or two of happy ones as well. it was the FDNY's memorial service for those members whom rest in peace as of 2010. once again, i am left baffled as to the amount of respect and essentially love that this brotherhood has shown me and the rest of hearts that still ache from the loss. gusy, i know you were with me yesterday. how to honor your life better than how it was done yesterday, i do not know how to do. i know youre proud. i love you and miss you more than anyone will ever know.



good GOD, send OUR hearts peace. amen.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

currently listening to....

"I'm so mistaken. Lost my direction. My souls been shaken. Every way I wonder if I'M wrong." ::sigh::

the beans are rotten today. try a side of potatoes or something.

"she gets it from her momma!"

about a week ago i had shared with my mom that i was planning to march and protest against a record company that didnt want to put out one of my favorite artist's music later this month (FNF UP! FRIDAY OCTOBER, 15TH AT 11:30AM @ 59TH AND 5TH). she replied "tenias que ser mi hija" and continued to tell me how she was going to protest along with 50,000 other hardcore-ass americans from her union, 1199 for healthcare benefits, job opportunities, etc for the working, middle class in Washington D.C. the next day. what did that mean for me? ROADTRIP! causing havoc where the republicans sleep!

for your viewing pleasure:



http://www.fiascofriday.com/ BE THERE!

what the daughter does, the mother did ;)

Friday, September 24, 2010

slave to the bank?

so it's been 4 months since i graduated with my BA from John Jay and still i remain jobless. with everything my family and i have gone through these past couple of months, starting my career or studying for the GRE to enter a master's program has honestly become less important to me. it used to be such a priority and now ....to inhale* soggy cereal in bed as i watch TBS re-runs of the office at 5pm day after day has been heavenly. slave to the bank, i am not, but my checking account reads $0.22 ::shrieks of horror:: and so the SERIOUS job hunt is about to commence. i have an over the phone interview today with one of the directors of Harlem's Children Zone for the intake coordinator position. luck is for pansies so dont wish me any, but prayers are encouraged and well received.

and for a little inspiration:

::clicks replay:: oh asher, you sexy little white boy, you!
"happiness isnt about getting what you want all the time. its about loving what you have, so get ready, ITS A NEW DAY"

-baked beans. get it? ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

jury fucking duty

"i have been given the gift of time" its day 2 of my juror responsibilities and needless to say, i am balding! i have been pulling my hair out with the overwhelming amount of boredom i have been consumed with. 2 hours here seem like 4 and 4 seem like an eternity. before i start to beautifully ramble on about nothing-ness, lets catch up!

food caught in my teeth: 6 day old, home baked chocolate-banana cake

currently listening to:
CHERRY BOMB -the runaways
THE WAR -wale

bean-like stench: men's degree shower fresh deodorant ;)

"oldie but goodie" of the day:
"negra! stop calling me black, you chubby boy!" hermanito, como te extrano. spit and all.

last cinema production that BLEW me away: i love you, phillip morris (Jim Carrey at his best!)

currently missing: summer 2010. i literally died and came back to life. and he's the one to blame :)

my well kept secret:

"i just want to be at peace with you. and if i gotta settle for a piece of you? then i gotta say peace to you."

Sunday, July 11, 2010

apologizing for my recent hiatus

how do i begin to live again when its my life that feels at its ends? ::sighs:: its been the roughest couple of months i have ever had to go through in my entire life. and after running and running [away], the soles of my soul are exhausted. im torn. im changed. i have encountered loss and have encountered love. i've found solace. and as unhealthy as it may appear to be. it is my solace. stay tuned for act III scene IV and as always judge me not.

it's getting late, real early around here so...........
bring on the posts, beans!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


As many know, i am the biggest Mexican enthusiast ever (and i'm not even Mexican)! i love my Ecuadorian culture (dont get me wrong) and absolutely NOTHING compares to it all all, but theres just something about that HECHO EN MEXICO stamp that gets me every time. i embrace it all from the men to the food to the culture to the country itself. lets just be clear, cinco de mayo is NOT the mexican fourth of july. mexico actually celebrates its independence from spain on september 16th. el cinco de mayo commemorates the Battle of Puebla against the French in 1862. its a day that celebrates the Mexican army's never-give-up spirit. so in observation of CINCO DE MAYO, let me just share a couple of things, i thank mexico for and of which should get full recognition for:

MANA doing a jose alfredo jimenez cover:

gael garcia bernal (also known as the definition of dreamy):

day of the dead sb's:

why memories are made:

needless to say, you can catch BEANS at the bar tonight with the first round of shots on her, ofcourse.
-ayyyy ay ay!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

what happened to killa cam when he actually used to murder?

...the music that is. when i heard that there was a kid cudi x camron colab out there, my heart raced (...without the assistance of any controlled substances! take that, all you fucking haters & mouth-runners. pow!) so anyways, back to the reason for this post: WOW. what a fuckin awesome collaboration, i thought to myself. maybe all cam needs is a collaboration like this one to take him out of the stump, dipset stuck him in. WRONG! boy, was i mistaken! my ears ached after listening to "ur killin me" but not as much as my heart ached when i had to grade this as a complete F for FAIL. you be the judge:

"so cold, but the kid is so hot" ::looks down and SHAKES HEAD:: who the fuck still raps about kid robot gear and rose gold watches?! lets be fuckin serious!

...as i reminisce back to my days in the 5th grade when i'd steal my big brother's cd player and indulged in all the music i wasnt supposed to be listening to i LANDed here:
sorry, for the horrible quality. i spent a whopping 3 minutes looking for a better one, but got bored doing so.

"oh you gonna buy me diamonds? shut the fuck up!"

what if the one that got away came back?

what happens? what really happens? ::sigh:: let me stop with the little girl fantasies. this is reality. a cold, harsh, lonesome reality. a janice reality. and in a janice reality. nothing happens. absolutely nothing. its become too disgustingly common to catch my wandering mind overflow with images and pictures of things that have never and will never cross his.
currently feel like:

*shout out to my homegirl, G- Doggz for the song referral :) *

i apologize for the lack of posts, lately. that changes now. "stress is temporary"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



currently listening to...

never gets old.

embrace the martian

"my words how i feel exactly are: FUCK THAT. i dont give a damn 'bout not one hater, talking down. dont be afraid at all, ya'll. all i ask of all ya'll is to please: EMBRACE THE MARTIAN, embrace the martian. i come in peace, but i need ya'll rockin with me. please, embrace the martian and this is how it sounds............." -cudder

marvin the martian nike sb dunks? not bad. tastes like gucci or heineken sbs, but not bad to have your favorite food over and over again, right?


i know this post is probably going to sound really BLAH, but its something that royally cheeses me off. i, too, enjoy lavishing myself in luxury things, but sometimes i understand that there just isnt enough financial funds for these materialistic desires ...with that being said...ladies, please STOP THE MURDER. i am sick to death of seeing all you impostors wearing knockoff handbags at attempts of pulling them off for the real thing. you are not fooling anyone. its actually quite obvious (especially when worn in the presence of me. see, BEANS, was a former employee of that little company some ppl call COACH leathers and its unbelievably easy to point out fakes or as we COACH employees call them: roaches). there is absolutely nothing wrong with a label-less handbag. there really isnt. if you have the funds to indulge yourself, by all means, go ahead, but if you dont, please do not compromise your integrity for that cheap, 23rd st fix. instead, why not take a trip down to your local thrift shop, pick up a lovely $4 number, call it vintage and start a new trend? (of which, i must admit i am guilty of) stop laughing in the face of all those little chinese children whose fingers fell off as they worked so diligently to sew up a $900 handbag they got paid 12cents for. (ok, i shouldnt joke about that. its actually a very serious and real topic to be discussed soon. stay tuned.)

trust me, ladies. you DO NOT want to be this girl:


(photo courtesy of me. on the 1 uptown train. not going to lie. its a good fake, but a fake nonetheless)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

damn. hot-ass show.

...mos def ;) hahaha

"Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they’re supposed to run wild until they find someone—just as wild—to run with."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

los METS dos-mil-diez

yum! i love the smell of fresh cleats on the grass and the taste of tight buns in a baseball uniform lol ...the METS 2010 baseball season has begun with a win at the home opener yesterday against the Florida marlins. 7-1 M-E-T-S!

i love this baseball season 2010 project VANS has started.



throwback of the day:

beans, davey poo, beans lil sis
mets 2007

i had a dream...

opening up a sneaker store had always been a dream of ours (sadly "ours" became two different entities called: mine and his, but thats besides the point). i still have my plan. after finishing school, after obtaining my career, after helping the kids, after traveling and changing the world, i always envisioned myself going back to the bronx and opening up my very own shop. for those who know me, know of the crazy, over the top, extraordinary ideas i've filled notebooks with. as i was browsing my favorite websites today during a boring ass statistics lecture (spring break is sadly over) ...i came across this picture. the models almost look mannequin-like. another idea popped into my bean-shaped head (lol). have 2 lifesized mannequins in a position similar to this one. in true janice style i'd probably have the woman mannequin completely on top of the male mannequin though. theyd be completely naked, only wearing whatever kicks are hot at the time. i might even throw in a couple of accessories: a bow tie for example :) they'd be placed right in the middle of the store. just there. teasing customers. nearly fucking. if thats doesnt get ppl excited enough to buy, i dont know what else will.


lets go to sleep paris. wake up in tokyo....

vibe with me:

KIKS TYO SUMMER 2010 Preview from KIKS TYO on Vimeo.

"dicen que soy un hippie indescente pero no me importa lo que diga la gente"

i've had this picture for years. i love it. i came across it recently and just felt the need to share. it is believed the incas (whose blood i believe runs vividly in my veins) had a detailed knowledge of cranial anatomy. they used to perform brain scraping procedures and used to remove plugs of patient's skulls to treat head trauma. the incisions in this picture look incredible. perfect, actually. the fact that this was over 500 years ago around 1000 A.D. when inca surgeons had no "proper" education or tools leaves me fuckin baffled. the fact that the only antiseptic they used was maize beer and still had patient survival rates up to 90% positive is unreal. i read somewhere as well, that the incas used to perform brain and other bodily organ transplants and then remove them completely for the sake of sacrifice to the gods. a beautiful destruction? needless to say, i love it.


while we're on the subject:
look at that nose. i like to think its inca, all the way (LOL). i used to be so self-conscious about it when i was younger. i hated it. i thought it was huge and made me look manly. time has allowed me to grew into it because i can honestly say, i love it now. i embrace it even. it's my favorite physical attribute (hence the septum piercing which isnt even the primary reason as to why i got it. i'll leave that for another post of rants and ramblings). it took a long time for me to get to the point where i feel comfortable enough to post a side profile pic like this one. contrary to what many may believe beans is a softee. she is. but its like they say: i'm imperfect. and thats the most perfect thing about me.


which leads me to...
industry sandals on sale at 80spurple.com. originally $103 but marked down to $82.50. they're beautiful. they remind me a lot of the jade stone the maya used to lavish themselves with. if anyone is interested in starting a collection can, im a womens size 7 :) just putting that out there.

i saw this after i orginally posted this entry but i just had to edit it in. seems like everyone is into a bohemian/native american style nowadays (which i highly encourage. anything thats making the youth get in tune with their latin american or native american roots is a thumbs up in my book) ...so i wasnt too surprised when i ran into these. a removable moccasin collar on a pair of leather chucks?! dont know if im personally sold on these. i'd have to see them on my bean-shaped feet, but A+ for effort.



-all for now, beans.