Thursday, January 27, 2011


currently listening to the ever fly theophilus london's - why even try ;)

guilty as charged

Alektorophobia - Fear of chickens.
Chrometophobia/Chrematophobia - Fear of money.
Coulrophobia - Fear of clowns.
Ergophobia - Fear of work.
Lachanophobia - Fear of vegetables.
Peladophobia - Fear of bald people.
Theophobia - Fear of gods or religion.
Vestiphobia - Fear of clothing.

now take off your clothes as we call out from work, run from baldies, plan to burn the circus, throw cauliflower at the church and come home to a delicious steak for dinner lol CHEERS!
...right now ::sigh::

please dont act like your shit dont stink

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"...just cause im doing better now dont mean i never lost shit. i was married to a state of mind, now i divorced it."

tell me youre that somebody

not a huge fan of r&b, i'll admit, buttttt if there is one female artist that i respect and deserves recognition on blackbean31.blogspot it has to be miss aaliyah. i just found out her birthday passed as did my brothers. needless to say, it hasnt been a good week for me. my head is all over the place. from financial stress to issues of loyalty, im sooooo lucky to have mr.beyond (my somebody) to run to. he makes life worth loving and is definitely my reason to smile nowadays.

i remember coming home to my brother telling me she was in a fatal airplane accident. we put on hot97 and just listened her jam. i remember feeling so sad, like i really lost someone i cared about. who would of thought i would sit here today experiencing that same loss to the tenth power AHHHHH! ::sigh:: heres to aaliyah. she was dope as fuck. sing to my brother as you rest in peace, darling.
and heres a word from our sponsors....

gusy, youre in music heaven. chillin with all the greats. im quite envious.

the life and times of j_rooks31

hello, fellow blogsters! how ive missed you so! time to catch up. first in the agenda? ...i have crossed over into the wild. the wild world of twitter that is. i'll admit, i cheated on fb, i created an account years ago, tweeted twice, got dressed and bounced lol ....well, things arent that simple nowadays, i went crying back begging to be taken seriously again HA! anyhow, cant get enough of me? feel free to follow me, loves. @j_rooks31. kinda sounds like my rap name or something lol

currently obsessed with- the auctioning of the 1992 batmobile featured in batman returns. i want? hellFUCKINGyeah! ::starts collection can of nicks and dimes:: if you catch my drift

ahhhh! lookie what i found. oh dear, dear ::looks around:: i think i've wet myself:
march 8th's album cover. excited? understatement of the decade :)

currently smell like- an awkward situation

throwback memory of the day-
the little DRUNK sister and I at our cousin's wedding this past summer. my little christian enthusiast had the first drink and a half of her life and was feeling niceeeeee. instead of raising that wooden cross to sweet 8 lb baby jesus, lets just say the wine bottle was getting bean-like amore. hilarious, to say the least. we have our up's and god knows we have our
downs, buttttttt this girl right here is my heart. and i know i dont say it enough, but i love her more than anything left on this planet. my little motivation to do anything.

currently listening to-

currently praying for- A WIN! vamos, mi barcelona! VAMOS!!!

stay tuned.

Monday, January 3, 2011

download me

while its not the gorillaz that i fell head over heels for, its nonetheless new music which im in dire need of. it was supposedly created all on a single ipad while on tour. 15 tracks is very impressive, but still a bit reluctant to label it genius. i am however giving it a chance and all my flavorless readers should too.


download me :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011


MY show goes on

2010 changed me. him leaving me to rest in peace affects me every single day. some days are more difficult than others. some days destroy me and leave me with little will power to do anything really. other days motivate me to be everything he was or IS in our lives. to be more than just a daughter or more than just a sister within my family. 2010. literally, a year of heartache. ive lost more than i could ever describe, but in that loss, hope found me. love found me. LIFE found me.

my soul has been overcome with optimism for 2011. if all goes according to plan (which it never does, but i embrace spontaneity so fuck it) ...i'll be registering for classes in February. theres a substance abuse counseling license that john jay offers after completing the BA program, but before having to do the master's program. my little brown-beaned eyes are on it. im only a couple of credits away to obtaining the license since the majority of the classes i took for my BA fall into the same criteria. shouldnt be too difficult. the main squeeze and i are planning a trip to spain some time in the early summer hopefully. it will become our soccer hiatus (ironcally, currently watching the valencia 1/espanyol 1 game) and lastly which is of most importance to me is hooking up my attic apartment. its been an long overdue project. ive painted so i really need to put my little interior decorating skills to work and furnish my love pad :)

i thought this was very appropriate for the overall vibe of this post: