Thursday, October 22, 2009

green lipstick

oh my dear, dear alanis! 
green lips? is it like: YOU MAKE ME SICK, MOTHERFUCKER!? 
oh, the irony! i dig it.

...and as always, no pun intended 

(yea right).

Monday, October 19, 2009

where the fuck did all these yankee "fans" sprout from?! deadass. all this "go yankees" "rah! rah! rah!" bullcrap tastes so bitterly sour! let me get this straight, its titled "love" for all you bronx bombers fanatics to ignore your team all season long because i didnt hear any of this "lets make a human pyramid for a-rod" back in May and now all of a sudden woo-fucking-hoo a chance to the world series and yankee fans start shooting out more than tee-shirts at sporting events. i feel bad for the players, honestly. smile and upload your pics, guys! oh and 27 rings? ...i guess thats cool. i mean if you're into labels.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

are we ditching our j's for boat shoes?

i understand the concept of fashion and i understand the concept of changing times and i even understand the concept of growing up but i'm just not in full understanding of this whole dumping our rags for riches nonsense... its like, really? come on. are we just selling out?! is this whole fad to be "cool and trendy" just completely overlooking where we are from?! i am the bronx. i am bodegas. i am quarter waters. i am 25cent chips. i am the chicken spot with the free orange-crush soda. i am white-on-white uptowns. i am $2.50 40s. BUT....boat shoes? wine? caviar? hmmm i JUST dunno if i'm with that. deadass. think twice, ppl. who we are says A LOT about where we come from and i'm just not ashamed. like at all.


apt 32, we thank you much.
sperry, its all love.