Tuesday, December 14, 2010

on a lighter note...

i've never been so turned on by bubble gum, blue vomit and bondage masks. well not since sunday. what? does no one else celebrate shit-faced sundays, anymore? lol this should definitely be a quick add to your current workout playlist, fellow blog- enthusiasts!
(courtesy of mr.beyond)

oh the irony...

with nowhere to go last night, except the vip section of club bed, dressed head to toe in boredom couture, i uncharacteristically decided to surf channels. im not a "surf channels", kind of chick might i add. i know what i like and tune in frequently to those same shows when i do find time for thee 'ol tube. anyways, i came across the 10 o'clock news. i wont lie, im not a huge fan of the news. theres always some junk about angelina jolie receiving her fed ex overnighted kid or lindsey lohan having a snowball fight at some teeny bopper bash on. frankly, im just not interested. well, as i was about to change channels and proceed to the home shopping network (one of my faves, by the way) i heard a broadcaster make a bad sportsmanship remark in relation to football players. i became somewhat intrigued. now, im no expert on the matter ...heck, i know squat about thee 'ol pigskin. i thought john elway still played for the broncos lol

well, let me get to the point. what i'm about to share might offend some. honestly, i dont care. this is my electronic journal and my loyal 6 followers want the truth. i'm here to deliver lol ...schmucks over at the nfl gave so and so #1 much criticism because he asked so and so #2 to autograph a glove after a game after his team lost. WOW! i was at a loss for words. are you fuckin serious? us, over at the futbol stadium practice beautiful sportsmanship. ive witnessed players exchange sweat-soaked shirts after a game time and time again. its a sign of respect. not for one another but for the game. for the history of the game. ive heard everyone tell me J-E-T-S this, g-men that and i was becoming quite curious as to what the fuss was about. i'm over it (before i got under it, might i add) sorry, hateball fans. i'll continue rooting for jerry rice of the 49ers for now though.

if anyone wants to contribute to the growth of my blog and give me the names of so and so #1 and so and so #2, please do so. i'll change it promptly. they are athletes afterall and i, in no way whatsoever tend to degrade them in this post. these beans only smell like love.
-the editor in chief

holiday stocking stuffer ideas...



mom, sister, heck even grandma will agree!
-flavorless, courtesy of MARRIED TO THE MOB

Saturday, December 11, 2010

groupie love

reconnect with why we all fell in love with this man in the first place....


my bf just called me meg

ahhhh finally off from work on a saturday and look at me. sleeping in to almost 3pm. nearly had my whole day stolen by the snooze gods. and to be honest, i wouldnt have minded it. i feel and look like complete crap. (i commented these exact words to him and he responds "ok,meg" lol damn him and his family guy reference wins) i suppose the only perfect aspect of this lazy saturday is waking up next to him. oh and the pancakes he promised to make me as i indulge in a 4pm breakfast ;) plan for today? drag myself out of bed, crawl into the bathroom and hopefully get to doing the last of my christmas shopping. hopefully reconnecting with the wolman rink staff as i plan to hit the ice tonight. excited, for that is an understatement. i like having things to look forward to. it keeps my mind off.........

........off what really has been getting to me. its been a bad week for me. absolutely horrid, quite frankly. ive been able to keep busy with work and getting as much sleep as possible, but it hasnt stopped me from waking up with crust-filled eyes from the dried tears cried in my sleep. even the simple things have been getting to me. i cant watch the simpsons or jeopardy anymore. it always takes me back to memories of him. my eyes grow watery and pain continues to stab the essence of my soul. it gets sharper and more frequent. i cant. i miss you more and more. i hate you for leaving us and am selfish for wanting to keep you.


oye mis llantos y mandame paz, hermanito lindo.
-tu negra

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


how to convince him to go watch this one with me, i dont know (total chick flick, lets be serious lol) but it seems so dark and vivid at the same time. the wrestler and requiem for a dream rank among my favorite movies so im sure darren aronofsky wont allow this to fall short of genius. natalie portman and mila kunis not only look phenomenal, but i love seeing actors challenge themselves from their normal cookie-cutter everyday roles. im wildly enthusiastic about this one, fellow bloggers. check out the trailer if you havent done so already.

any new music worth checking out? i encourage any and all referrals.

dear santa,

"How have you been? How is your wife? I am not sure what I want for Christmas this year. Sometimes it is very hard to decide. Perhaps you should send me your catalog." -Linus
(Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales, 2002)

so, i've had a change of a heart. i know i ranted about getting the complete SEINFELD series in a earlier post, BUT its not what i truly need right now. ive been wanting a puppy for the longest time. i think im at a time in my life where i could actually dedicate my time and efforts into a pet. i've been dropping hints to mr elephant juice about it for quite some time. as a fellow dog lover, i assumed he would think it was a awesome idea, but i wont lie, he doubts me. his exact words were "you dont even remember to shower everyday. you cant get a dog" LOL well, i want one! BADLY. a white english bulldog to be exact. at a time where i just about gave up on the idea of loyalty, the only thing that will restore that hole is the companionship of "man's best friend." if all else fails, hand me a stamp. i have a pre-addressed letter to santa. a girl can still dream, right?


its off

for so long now, it has been a part of me,
for so long now, i have been distinguished by it,
for so long now, ive been hiding behind it.

...its off now. officially.


-mother cow