Friday, September 24, 2010

slave to the bank?

so it's been 4 months since i graduated with my BA from John Jay and still i remain jobless. with everything my family and i have gone through these past couple of months, starting my career or studying for the GRE to enter a master's program has honestly become less important to me. it used to be such a priority and now inhale* soggy cereal in bed as i watch TBS re-runs of the office at 5pm day after day has been heavenly. slave to the bank, i am not, but my checking account reads $0.22 ::shrieks of horror:: and so the SERIOUS job hunt is about to commence. i have an over the phone interview today with one of the directors of Harlem's Children Zone for the intake coordinator position. luck is for pansies so dont wish me any, but prayers are encouraged and well received.

and for a little inspiration:

::clicks replay:: oh asher, you sexy little white boy, you!
"happiness isnt about getting what you want all the time. its about loving what you have, so get ready, ITS A NEW DAY"

-baked beans. get it? ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

jury fucking duty

"i have been given the gift of time" its day 2 of my juror responsibilities and needless to say, i am balding! i have been pulling my hair out with the overwhelming amount of boredom i have been consumed with. 2 hours here seem like 4 and 4 seem like an eternity. before i start to beautifully ramble on about nothing-ness, lets catch up!

food caught in my teeth: 6 day old, home baked chocolate-banana cake

currently listening to:
CHERRY BOMB -the runaways
THE WAR -wale

bean-like stench: men's degree shower fresh deodorant ;)

"oldie but goodie" of the day:
"negra! stop calling me black, you chubby boy!" hermanito, como te extrano. spit and all.

last cinema production that BLEW me away: i love you, phillip morris (Jim Carrey at his best!)

currently missing: summer 2010. i literally died and came back to life. and he's the one to blame :)

my well kept secret:

"i just want to be at peace with you. and if i gotta settle for a piece of you? then i gotta say peace to you."