Friday, January 29, 2010

morning breath thoughts

how do you let someone know you miss them and need them in your life without actually telling them you miss them and need them in your life? i dont even know why i'm posting this. the person meant to see it, never will. i'm a coward ::sigh:: beans without the black is just flavorless.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

i'm a woman of visuals, not words.

i'm contemplating the 5th tattoo (already? ...i know) and i think i'm just going to hold my breath, close my eyes and invest into the half sleeve. why not? my imagination is getting the best of me and intends to leave my pockets empty. its going to be a collective piece crawling its way into the $500 or maybe $600s. ehhh. i'm leaving bills and debt at the bus terminal and hopping on the express line to permanentville. fuck it.



food for thought.

"i used to love her" as in: "i used to love old nyc"

when all that mattered in 1999 was 5cent now-a-laters numbing all sensation on my tongue ::sighs::


i just came back from a month long journey in ecuador. apart from an added 10 lbs and a half destroyed liver i came back with a whole new perspective. on life. on society. and nyc just doesnt seem the same anymore. how does so much poverty go overlooked? how can the government get away with so many injustices? i dont know. over there a family can be fed with a dollar. one. and here? ppl whining about useless "necessities" (the iPad? come on. get real. apple, i love you so, but COME ON!) i've been left speechless. let the world change you and you'll want to change the world. deadass.


this right here turned me on. a little.

...ok. a lot.

Friday, January 22, 2010

as this trip comes to a bittersweet end, i cant help, but reminisce..

my dad always tells the same story: winter of ´92
JFK airport: destination: guayaKILL, ecuador

...there she is, little homeslice. innocent as can be con su papito at the gate waiting to board a delayed flight. needless to say, how the weather teeth-chatters in nyc days before christmas. little homeslice is bundled up in her coat, hat, scarf, gloves and snowboots (the works). refusing to take any of it off, she sits hand in hand con su papito and looks out the ceiling high windows at the perfectly, snow covered city. what looks like vanilla frosting over a cake of love leaves her mouth wattering. finally getting the "ok" to board after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, they land 6 hours later to 100 degrees of memories...

pops- "ya janicita saquese el co, estamos en ecuador. aqui hace calor"
janice- "no papi. es cold. es cold"

...oh how i wish some things would never, ever change.

and thats just a little something of what will one day be my 1st published children´s book