Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i cant live in the real world. the real world is for people who cant imagine anything better. come away with me.

Monday, November 29, 2010

japanese cartoon

im currently listening to an assortment of music, but as always i have favorites that get a little more of my replay love. today's topic of choice? japanese cartoon. finally an image to put with the music. for a long time lupe fiasco has denied any and all affiliation with japanese cartoon. im glad he's come out the closet. how i feel about british accent is another story. well, actually thats a lie. im not crazy about it at all, to be honest. its different which i can appreciate. im trying to be as optimistic as i can be and let it slowly grow on me but everything else about this song and video is dope. im definitely keeping an eye out for japanese cartoon and will post anything i come across.

indulge yourself...

lost archives

as i went through the lost archives in my macbook, i came across this pic i took in a local supermarket:

yes, you read correctly. fresh frozen guinea pig. get 'em while theyre still frozen lol well in ecuadorian culture, guinea pig or as we call them cuy is a fine delicacy. on my trip to the mountainous region of ecuador in june of this year i was lucky enough to visit a guinea pig farm. yes, the pets american children cherish so are plumped up and roasted on a stick and sold for a buck or two en la sierra. i thought this post was very time appropriate due to all the mouths that were stuffed with turkey this past week. i'll take a guinea pig with a side of mote any day over a genocide flavored thanksgiving. im just saying.


working a 11pm closing shift. off to iron my penguin uniform.
-wishing i was back in the motherland

Friday, November 19, 2010

music videos?

music videos? do artist still make those? ::shruggs:: im not up to par with them but these b.o.b ones caught my little brown-bean eyes. hopefully my whopping 6 followers will enjoy them as much as i did. i do it all for the fans. lol

official dont let me fall-

BEAST MODE, new track off the upcoming b.o.b, no genre, mixtape-

hungry. craving bbq wings. oh you know, the super sticky, unhealthy, messy to eat, ones. the ones that leave crusted up bbq residue in my hair. that i somehow bypass when washing my hands but find the next morning. how it gets in my hair, i'll never know lol

his and hers


-from the girl who once upon a time lacked loved.


which is when the much anticipated LASERS drops. with john legend?! are you serious right now?! WOW. i'm fuckin hungry and mr lupe fiasco is the only one able to quench the listening hunger my ears crave right now. just when you think hip hop is lost, you hear a track like this: respectable lyrical content and mainstream appeal. thats what its all about in my book. and please, PLEASE no one even mention the stomach churning nonsense nikki BLAHnaj is about to release. ive heard way too much ranting and raving over her as if she the prophesied messiah to hip hop . tell me where she is in 10 years from now. real music withstands time. tell me, you cant listen to 36 chambers or capital punishment time after time and not fall in love with them time and time again. i dont think ive ever witnessed so much hype for something so completely overrated and so simply put WACK. shes bad, i give her that and that alone lol ahhhhh! ok, ok, ok, now on to the purpose of this post....for your listening enjoyment....

lupe fiasco ft john legend- never forget you

-beans con arroz

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

you know what really grinds my gears? the fact that slice bread comes squared and bologna comes round. NO. you know what REALLY grinds my gears? the fact that ba-low-nee is spelled bologna. smh. lol

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the flyest guy ive seen...

EVER! mr. jerry seinfeld, ladies and gentlemen! this is hands down one of my top 5 favorite television shows of all time (dont ask me what place it falls in. first or last. brilliance is brilliance and shouldnt be measured on a number basis. just know its in the likes of saved by the bell, the cosby show, doug, and full house ...a few other all time classics lol) i catch something new every time i watch re-runs. i honestly can not get tired of watching. not only am i trying to catch the superman reference that every episode has but i'm trying to catch the heat jerry wears on every episode as well. needless to say, he wears it ALL so motherfuckin well. damn. he's hot lol ....with that being said, i know what i'm asking the retail elves for xmas this year: the complete seinfeld series. starting with episode number 1. that is all. so plan accordingly, fellow readers. i dont want repeats of any seasons. enjoy some of the all-time great sneaker appearances jerry has blessed our viewing pleasure with. and it doesnt hurt that he's a METS fan either.




Saturday, November 13, 2010


life without you both has no means ::sigh::
-tu hermanita, janice


JAY-Z signed JAY ELECTRONICA to the ROC?! wow. finally something to be excited about. jay elec's lyrical brilliance and jay'z genius marketing= match made in hip hip heaven lol ...looking forward to the revival of music in 2011.

hov's introduction:

the king of new orleans inauguration:

currently: listening to my latest mixtape download, friday night lights (on saturdaItalicy lol) courtesy of datpiff.com as i watch my king play pro-evolution soccer on ps3. watched some ecuadorian soccer earlier (emelec 2 - manta-1) and now just waiting until laziness escapes me and i get my lazy lard ass up to throw on a fashionably effortless ensemble for date night. im craving a BLACK FLOWER from a cheaply advertised mexican restaurant only known to NewYorkians as Blockheads. its a delicious sangria and frozen margarita mix sent straight from the gods as a weekend getaway after a stressful workweek. possibly catching a horribly overpriced friday release movie after. skyline, maybe? catch me if you can. and when i say can, i mean RUN! because i'll be flying to the highs of the moon and the stars tonight with EL ZAR ;)


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"and we could meet on the other side"

so im definitely not down with this newly categorize genre often referred to as "emo-rap," but the legend of mr.rager takes me away. high away. shall you join me?


kid cudi ft cee-lo green- scott mescudi vs the world

-lightin up.

...what keeps the lonely nights sleepless

this was the answers to my little fat girl prayers. the gods have not forsaken me! MCRIB IS BACK!
you know what it is "negro y amarillo" lol
"el reloj nixon" she will be mine. hitting up blades 72nd&bway thursPAYday!
the loves:


trick or treat?


-respectfully yours,