Sunday, August 16, 2009

friendly game?

ecuador 0 jamaica 0
friendly game? waste of money. enjoyable waste of time lol


only 2 jamaicans in the stadium:

Saturday, August 15, 2009

no sleep 'till brooklyn

the scheduled headliners for the All Points West festival, Beastie Boys, had a last minute cancellation due to group member, Adam Yauch's surgery date for a recently found cancer tumor in his neck. Despite the horrible news, JAY-Z the replacement for the dynamic trio put on a phenomenal show following such acts like the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs and Vampire Weekend. He opened the show with his own rendition to the the beastie boys, "no sleep 'till brooklyn" and classics such as "can i live" were among my favorites, but everyone was WOWed with new material from his upcoming BLUEPRINT 3! a Michael Jackson tribute and audience shout outs (a guy in a tie-dye shirt lol) made it an unforgettable show to say the least:

ezra koenig of vampire weekend
karen-o of yeah yeah yeahs
and ofcourse after the rain, after the henney, impatiently waiting: the infamous blackbeans

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


in true nyc fashion, there always seems to be a summer anthem that takes the city by storm. it's that one song that is heard everywhere from the club to car stereos to family bbq's to block parties. a song that blows up so big that we're embarrassed to admit we've memorized all the lyrics word for word. they quickly become a must-hear inspite of its corny nature. like many summer anthems before it, (the infamous "thong song" for example) this summer hit of '09 will definitely leave you with a lasting impression. so as I'm sure most of you have heard, (unless you been living under a rock for the past couple of months as I was until I hit the club scene) 'pepe, pepe' is the new craze in the streets today. If you're walking through washington heights, you just can't avoid the catchy pepe hook or the self proclaimed pepe dance so dont be embarrassed to admit, you have become part of the movement! ...and so without further ado, for your enjoyment....

taste responsibly!


As I'm sure, all you fellow subway riders have noticed, the mta along with the rest of the world has taken up a surprising "green," "lets recycle," "I hug trees" attitude. as most of you know, i personally, am the number 1 spokesperson to promote love for mother nature and all her habitants. with that being said, i was super distraught when i saw the nonsense the gestapo (lol)was trying to brainwash me with. On the E train one morning (and since the early bird catches the worm and I indeed had an appetite for destruction at the crack of dawn) I began to read all the advertisements in the car.

"Get online, not in line"
See and pay your bills online. Save time, paper, postage and trees. Go green with e*bill. Sign up at
("Hmmm, interesting" I said to myself) I continued to read on...

"Stay safe"
If you smell gas, leave the area at once and call 1-800-75-coned.
("Good to know")

"Kid power"
Turn them on to our cool kids' web site at
("A little odd, no?")

"Keeping things cool"
Open refrigerator and freezer doors only when necessary. AND choose efficient Energy Star appliances.

As I re-read the ConEd signs that wall-papered the train car, I asked myself: "am i looking too much into these advertisements? hey, maybe they just want the people to be aware and take necessary precautions to help conserve energy." hmmm I then reached for my flask (joke!) and started thinking about all the money these companies are probably making by promoting all this 'save the whales' bullshit. who hasnt fallen victim to the launch of the reusable canvas bag? let me get this straight: instead of using plastic or paper bags that are probably worth less than a penny each, im being suckered into paying a whole lot more on a canvas bag with a catchy quote, something like "you can kiss my canvas" that by using is going to save the ozone layer? uhhhh? riiiiiight. i dunno man.i really just dont know. it just doesnt make sense to me: "save energy by buying my product" how is that progress?