Wednesday, May 5, 2010


As many know, i am the biggest Mexican enthusiast ever (and i'm not even Mexican)! i love my Ecuadorian culture (dont get me wrong) and absolutely NOTHING compares to it all all, but theres just something about that HECHO EN MEXICO stamp that gets me every time. i embrace it all from the men to the food to the culture to the country itself. lets just be clear, cinco de mayo is NOT the mexican fourth of july. mexico actually celebrates its independence from spain on september 16th. el cinco de mayo commemorates the Battle of Puebla against the French in 1862. its a day that celebrates the Mexican army's never-give-up spirit. so in observation of CINCO DE MAYO, let me just share a couple of things, i thank mexico for and of which should get full recognition for:

MANA doing a jose alfredo jimenez cover:

gael garcia bernal (also known as the definition of dreamy):

day of the dead sb's:

why memories are made:

needless to say, you can catch BEANS at the bar tonight with the first round of shots on her, ofcourse.
-ayyyy ay ay!