Saturday, March 5, 2011

courage under fire



-night by night, CHROMEO
...hilarious! now, im no dancer, but for this guy i will be! releasing my inner dirty dancing fantasies.

and the award to biggest disappointment of the year goes to...

dear. mr. fiasco (if thats even your real name),

you have been one of my favorite artists since the days that i attempted to kick, push. i have been nothing but loyal since then. for you to put out LASERS as it has leaked right now, is big wad of spit in my face. in the faces of all the fans. it is not the lupe, i fell in love with. i thought i was your sunshine. fuck, LASERS is not even the type of record i can even say i barely like. i had to do the double take as i heard the trey songs track. is this really lupe fiasco? or is this some drake or justin bieber wannabe? seriously. the only way i can bare to listen to LASERS now is if i hit shuffle on my entire lupe playlist and forget, it ever existed as its own entity. i have stayed on top of all the tracks that leaked early through online magazines, twitter and facebook and i was impressed. i kept telling myself this is no doubt the most anticipated album of the year (sorry, dre). i regret to admit that listening to it as a whole was the most mind numbing pain ive been put through since my last dentist visit. radio single after radio single is NOT an album, its a cheap excuse into making more money. i dont give a fuck as to what the label allowed you to put out, how could you put your name on something you didnt believe in?! i cant bring myself to say that you sold out on the fans, but just know a little bit of respect has been lost. talk about DUMBING IT DOWN smfh

i was consumed with excitement as i waited in the frigid, February weather to see you perform in williamsburg, nyc. this would be the 3rd time seeing you live and your stage presence has been and still is uncanny. i get lost with you. i thought LASERS would have that same effect on me. ive been sadly mistaken. until next time, right? i'll be awaiting what you have in store for THE GREAT AMERICAN RAP ALBUM.


pardon the horrible video quality. i was in the midst of maddness.

the girl who allowed hip-hop to save her life
love always shines. everytime. remember to smile. ::sigh::

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